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 Today in Human Resources

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Welcome back to school! Attention: Principals, School Administrators, Pastors.


As a reminder, document transmittal forms should be submitted to Human Resources for ALL new hires, rehires, transfers, benefits status changes, and terminations (along with changes in coverage and qualified life events). Employees may not be able to access the benefits portal, if benefits status updates are needed.

All benefits eligible employees should have weekly scheduled Hours of 26-40 hours. All benefits enrollments are completed online on, there are no paper applications. In the case that the employee does not want or need the benefits, they still need to log on to the benefits portal and waive benefits.

Our benefits portal, MyEnroll has a library of reference documents on our Medical, Dental, Supplemental Life, Short-Term Disability, and Flexible Spending Accounts (including claim forms). Please visit - go to the lefthandside of the page and under "Tools" select the "Access Reference Library."


Welcome to All Our New Employees


Welcome to all the new employees in the Archdiocese of Chicago! We hope that you enjoy your time here at the Archdiocese and Human Resources wants you to know that we are always here to answer your questions. The HR website has a great deal of information regarding benefits and employee relations but if you can't find what you are looking for, just head up to the "Home" tab and click on "Contact Us." We are here Monday - Friday from 9 am to 4:45 to answer your questions.


Take a moment to setup your login on our Benefits Portal, MyEnroll, by going to, and follow the steps under "Request a UserID and Password."  Step-by-step instructions are also found HERE.