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Below are policies and procedures for Family Medical Leave, Personal Leaves and Paid Parental Leave for staff of parishes, schools, and agencies of the Pastoral Center.

Please see the Policy, Procedures and Application below.


All paperwork should be submitted to the HR email box - Please contact HR at (312) 534-5360 if you have questions on the process or documentation.


Leave of Absence Check List

If employee is requesting a Medical Leave…


Step 1: Employee must fill out the FMLA Request Form. The FMLA Request Form can be downloaded here.


Step 2: The Supervisor or Human Resources completes and returns the FMLA Eligibility Form to the employee, informing them whether they are eligible for Family Medical Leave. The FMLA Eligibility Form can be downlaoded here.


Step 3: The employee submits the appropriate supporting documentation based on the circumstances requiring the leave. The forms can be downloaded below.

Health Care Provider Form for a Family Member's Serious Health Condition (Form WH - 380 - F)

Health Care Provider Form for Employee's Serious Health Condition (Form WH - 380 - E) *

* The employer should provide the doctor with the employee's most current job description.


Step 4: The pastor/administrator/principal or Human Resources at the Pastoral Center approves, denies, or defers the employee's request for leave via the FMLA Designation Notice. The FMLA Designation Notice can be downloaded here.


Step 5: The employee must provide a notice from the doctor that he/she has been cleared to return to work with or without limitations, on or before his/her first day back to work.

If employee is requesting a Personal Leave…


Step 1: Employee must fill out the Personal Leave Form. The form can be downloaded here.


Step 2: The employer simply approves or denies the employee's request for a personal leave. Personal leaves are approved by the pastor and/or principal.




Paid Parental Leave Procedures

Application for FMLA leave must be submitted to the local benefit administrator (ie, Parish/School/Pastoral Center HR), following existing process for Leaves of absences.

Paid Parental Leave Application form must be completed indicating the date of birth/adoption and the period of time to be covered by the paid parental leave benefit.

Sick time must be used during the period of disability, deferring use of paid parental leave. Please contact Human Resources at 312-534-5360 for assistance on the forms or process.


Policy-Frequently Asked Questions-Application Form