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Our unemployment provider, NSN Employer Services, will handle all current claims, determinations, hearings, etc. NSN Employer Services has proven to be a leading provider and innovator of unemployment services for over 25 years. Their service commitment will provide the Archdiocese with increased opportunities to realize notable savings from several sources and ensure long-term economy through a professionally managed unemployment program. The information below explains what to you can expect when dealing with NSN on unemployment issues.


Claims: Once NSN has received a claim for your location from the state, you will receive a call requesting separation information. Please forward all pertinent information by the indicated deadline.


Determinations & Decisions: NSN will contact you regarding all determinations and decisions to inform you of the favorability and discuss appeal options if necessary.


Hearings: NSN will receive hearing notices directly from the state. We will then call informing you of the date and time of the hearing. As the hearing date approaches you will again receive a call to prepare for the case. Then a representative from NSN will be on the phone with you during the hearing.




NSN Contacts
Jerry Weinstein312-993-9580312-993-9581

Bonnie Weinstein312-993-9580 ext. 224312-993-9581

Jessica Venega312-993-9580 ext. 234312-993-9581