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Human Resources

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Workers Compensation

As required under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, the Archdiocese obtains workers' compensation insurance. The losses are calculated into the allocation amount for property and casualty insurance. To help reduce the cost, we encourage proactive prevention programs and the active management of any workers’ compensation claims. Please keep the following items in mind as part of your ongoing parish / school safety program:

  • Under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, the Archdiocese of Chicago provides workers’ compensation insurance coverage to your employees for injuries arising out of and in the course and scope of their employment. This insurance coverage is required by law and should not be confused with employee medical benefit programs that are provided by Human Resources.

  • Parishes / Schools should regularly encourage / remind their employees to actively engage in safe work practices and in the event of a work related injury, employees should immediately inform their supervisor of the injury and obtain any necessary medical care. Safe work practices include proper lifting techniques, proper use of equipment and chemicals, proper use of seat belts, proper use of protective gloves, safety boots, safety glasses, etc. Many of these safe work practices are low cost, easy to obtain at a local hardware store, and are simple to use.

  • Immediately upon notice from the employee, Supervisor’s are to report the injury to Gallagher Bassett Claim Services at 888-256-4921. This is a special 24 hour, 7 day a week, toll-free telephone number, setup for the initial reporting of employee injuries. It is not necessary to file claims for minor injuries where first aid is required and no lost time occurred. 

  • A Leave of Absence request form and a Certification of Medical Professional form should be filled out for lost time claims.

  • Gallagher Bassett Claim Services will send you and the Illinois Industrial Commission the completed Illinois 45 Form.

  • After the claim is initially reported, any related medical bills should be sent directly to Gallagher Bassett at the address provided by Gallagher.

  • While off work for a work-related injury, the supervisor should have regular contact with the employee. A simple “Hello how are you?” telephone call can go a long way. Please work with the Gallagher Bassett Claim Services adjuster to arrange for temporary, modified-duty and arrange return to work. Employees who have been away from the parish / school for a work related injury often express the boredom, isolation, and frustration of being away from work. Employees are happy to return to work as soon as a physician will allow.
  • Employees who are unable to work as a result of a job-related injury or illness will be subject to the Archdiocese’s Family/Medical leave policy. Therefore, such employees must complete a Leave of Absence Request Form and provide medical certification of their inability to work. Leaves of absence for medical reasons, including on the job injuries and illness will be limited to a maximum of 6 months.

Follow up questions, if any, should be directed to Gallagher Bassett Claim Services using the main claim number of 847-273-0100.