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Medical Home

The Archdiocese of Chicago provides medical coverage to help protect you and your family from the high cost of medical care. All full-time and part-time benefits eligible employees can take part in the medical plan. Part-time employees must work an average of 26 hours per week to be considered benefits eligible.

You coverage will take effect on the month following your first complete month of service for the Archdiocese. For example, if you are hired on June 15th, your first complete month of service would occur in July. Therefore, on August 1st your benefits will begin. You may also cover your spouse and children up to the age of 26. Eligible military personnel may be covered to age 30.

Please visit our Benefits Portal, BAS MyEnroll for detailed information about Archdiocese of Chicago Health, Dental, Life and Disability Insurance. Log on to Please view the Archdiocese Benefits Summary Laity booklet and Benefits Summary Religious and Externs booklet for general benefit information.



Current Medical Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plan - The PPO plan for the Archdiocese allows employees the flexibility to choose their doctors and specialists. Unlike HMO's, PPO plans don't require that you choose a primary care physician for your medical care. The trade off for this freedom is that PPO plans are usually more expensive then their HMO counterparts.

Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO Illinois Plan - HMO Illinois offers the same quality of care as the PPO but at a more economical price. With the HMO Illinois, as with all HMOs, you must choose a primary care physican. Your primary care physician acts as a point of contact for all other care including specialists and recommendations.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Advantage Plan - The Blue Advantage Plan allows you to recieve the same quality of health care as the PPO and HMO Illinois plans but at a reduced price. The Blue Advantage HMO plan has less out of pocket expenses, but the network of doctors is not as expansive as the HMO Illinois plan.

You must choose a primary care physician. Your primary care physician acts as a point of contact for all other care including specialists and recommendations.

Express Scripts Prescription Drug Plan (part of the medical plans) - All employees enrolled in our medical plans have the same prescription drug benefits. The benefit is offered through Express Scripts and allows employees to use retail or mail order pharmacies for generics, formularies, and non-formularies.






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