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Peace of mind is important for everyone. What happens if I get injured and can't work? Will my family be taken care of in the event of my passing? The Archdiocese understands these concerns and offers a wide array of income protection options. From our free basic life and long-term disability insurance to our optional supplemental life and short-term disability, we feel that you shouldn't have to worry.

Please visit our Benefits Portal, BAS MyEnroll for detailed information about Archdiocese of Chicago Health, Dental, Life and Disability Insurance. Log on to Please view the Archdiocese Benefits Summary Laity booklet and Benefits Summary Religious and Externs booklet for general benefit information.




 Current Income Protection Plans


Life Insurance: The Archdiocese of Chicago provides Basic life insurance for all benefit eligible employees in the amount of one times your base salary (at no cost to you). You may purchase additional life insurance, known as supplemental life insurance up to four times your yearly salary. For more information about the Life Insurance Plan, click on the Life Insurance link.



Short-Term Disability : Employees who are benefits eligible and who have an annualized salary of at least $15,000 are eligible to participate in the Short-Term Disability Plan. Each eligible employee may elect an amount of insurance, in increments of $25 from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $1,250 per week, up to 60% of covered earnings. This plan helps to supplement income during leave periods longer then 30 days but shorter then six months. The insurance carrier is Dearborn National. Click on the Short-Term Disability link for more information.


Long-Term Disability: The Archdiocese of Chicago provides long-term disability coverage at no cost to you. This benefit is offered to benefits eligible employees. If you are out of work for longer then six months and are unable to return to work due to a medical condition, you salary will be supplemented. Click on the Long-Term Disability link for more information.


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