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Prudential Retirement is the record keeper for the 403(b) Retirement Plan for Archdiocesan staff. Any employee, regardless of benefits eligbility may participate in the 403(b) Plan.


For benefits eligible employees, the 403(b) Plan has three components: employee salary deferrals from an employee's paycheck, a quarterly employer Match contribution paid by the Archdiocese (calculated from the employee's salary deferrals), and a quarterly employer paid Share Plan Contribution paid by the Archdiocese (calculated from an employee's earnings).


Non-benefits eligible employees are not eligible for the Match and Share Plan contributions.





403(b) Information
Prudential New Hire Enrollment Wrapper/Cover1.98 MBDownload
Prudential New Hire Packet for Lay Employees155.97 KBDownload
Prudential Plan Distribution Options at Separation of Service253.54 KBDownload
403(b) Match Calculator

To estimate the match that you will receive, enter your yearly salary into the field below and hit "calculate." Your 403(b) match will be shown. Match is deposited quarterly into your Prudential account.



Enrollment Options

There are two ways that you can begin contributing to the 403(b) plan.


Option 1: Establish an account login with Prudential by visting our website at


Option 2 (Auto enrollment): do nothing and you will be auto enrolled at a contribution rate of 3% within 45 days of your date of hire (depending on timing). The auto enrollment ONLY applies to benefits eligible employees. All other employees that wish to participate in the plan will need to call Prudential at 877-PRU-2100 (877-778-2100).