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403(b) Plan: All employees can participate in the 403(b) plan regardless of benefit status. All benefits eligible employees are matched fifty cents on the dollar up to four percent of their salary. Non benefits eligible employees do not receive a match contribution. Employees are vested in the match 25% per year until they reach 100% in four years.

Within two weeks of your first paycheck, an enrollment booklet with detailed information on the plan and the investment options available will be sent to you. New employees are auto enrolled in the 403(b) plan at a 3% contribution rate within 45 days of hire, unless the employee chooses to opt out.


To learn more about the plan, go to Our dedicated retirement counselor, Julia Calderon is available for questions, by phone or for onsite meetings. Please call Julia at 312-344-0941 or email her at to schedule an appointment or answer your questions.


Share Plan: The Share Plan offers all benefit eligible employees an age-weighted contribution or flat percentage depending on hire date. Non benefit eligible employees do not receive a share plan contribution.  All contributions are quarterly and based on salary. Employees hired before July 1st, 2007 will receive an age weighted contribution. Employees hired on or after July 1st, 2007 will receive a flat percentage contribution between 1.25 % and 5% of gross earnings, determined annually by the Archdiocese. Vesting in the share plan is 100% after five years.


If the employment relationship is terminated before the five year anniversary, all money invested is lost. Share plan contributions will be automatically invested by the Archdiocese in a Retirement Target Date fund for employees, based on their projected retirement date.


Frozen Pension Plan: All employees hired before July 1st, 2007 are eligible for a pension. For more information, please call HR at 312-534-5360. The benefit is based on your career average earnings through 6/30/2007. Vesting in the pension is 100% after five years. If an employee quits before their five year anniversary, they will not receive a pension.


The accrued pension benefit amount for eligible staff has been added to the Prudential participant portal (Prudential Retirement Login page).  Access your account on the secure portal, and go to the Retirement Income Calculator to find the pre-loaded amount under "Total Additional Monthly Income."






Share Plan and Pension


Phone: 312-534-8276