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Human Resources
Human Resources Mission

The Human Resources Department at the Archdiocese of Chicago is committed to working strategically with Parishes, Schools, and Agencies to provide information in the areas of benefits programs, Human Resources policies, government compliance and employment matters. We will provide guidance in the development, implementation, and equitable administration of policies and procedures, thus fostering a better work environment for all employees of the Archdiocese.

Staff Title Phone Email
Claudia Hoffman Mann Chief Human Resources and Staff Development Officer
Susan Zarnowski Human Resources Assistant 312-534-5287
Kim O'Donoghue Senior Human Resouces Manager Vicariate I 312-534-2021
Karina Jimenez Human Resouces Manager Vicariate III 312-534-5268
Leticia Godina Human Resources Manager Vicariate VI 312-534-8369
Lupe Hernandez Benefits Manager 312-534-5386
Christian Lainez Benefits Specialist 312-534-8209
Arletta Ferrell Pension Administrator 312-534-8276
Carol Palmer Human Resouces Manager Vicariate IV 312-534-8291
Katherine Garity Director of Employee Relations 312-534-2022
Jennifer Jones-Garner Senior Human Resources Manager Vicariate V 312-534-2017
Amanda Macuiba Compensation/Data Analyst 312-534-5379
Ronda Majeran Manager of Recruitment 312-534-5262
Maria Lisciandrello Recruitment Coordinator 312-534-8077
Teresa Alvarez Director, Organizational Development 312-534-5275
Michael MacKenzie Internal Communications Director 312-534-5374
Maria Madrigal Sr. Administrative Assistant 312-534-8335
Erich Febles Human Resources Manager Vicariate II 312-534-3336
Human Resources Fax and Email 312-534-5345